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Classixx is a DJ duo from Los Angeles, California, US that has gained prominence in the electronic and nu-disco music scene. The duo takes influence from a wide variety of musical styles and labeled themselves Classixx due to their love for classic music.

Although the members of Classixx, Tyler Blake and Michael David, were childhood friends, they did not form Classixx until the mid 2000s when they were in their early twenties. In the early half of the 2000s Blake was attending the Berklee School of Music and David was releasing his own music and playing guitar in a touring band. When Blake and David reconnected back in Los Angles they started to play shows around town at house parties and were considered a prominent staple in the new wave of the Los Angeles electronic music scene.

In 2009 Classixx released their debut single on Kitsune Records called “I’ll Get You”. The single presented the group’s smooth, poppy sound that combines elements of funk, disco, and house music. In 2010 the duo was selected to produce the song “No Strings” for Mayer Hawthorne. The group continued to release singles before their debut album, and in 2011 they released the hit single “Into the Valley”, which featured Karl Dixon and was released under the label, Green Label Sound.

Classixx is perhaps most notable for their remixes. Their remixes have garnered much acclaim and are usually staples during their DJ sets. The duo has remixed songs from a plethora of artists, which include Major Lazer, Passion Pit, Madonna, and Lana Del Rey. Their most famous remix is Phoenix’s “Lisztomania”, which was praised both by Pitchfork and The Los Angeles Times for its lush, textural sounds.

In 2013 Classixx released their debut album, “Hanging Gardens”. The album has the signature Classixx sound with lush, pop elements and upbeat dance rhythms. The album conveys the influences of other artists such as New Order and Daft Punk, but Classixx also has their own modern spin on the music. The album also received critical praise. “Rolling Stone” called the album one of the “20 Best Dance Albums of 2013”.

Since the release of their debut album, Classixx has toured all over the world. They have played huge festivals like Bonnaroo, they have headlined club shows, and they have shared the same stage with artists like Cut Copy.

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