Vertex Festival Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado August 5 - 7, 2016



Joe Wendt, aka jOBOT, began his love affair with music fingering the strings of the upright jazz bass at age 12. Never losing track of his classical training, his repertoire voraciously swallowed up every genre, and Jazz cohabitated happily with many muses —dearest to his heart, Funk.

jOBOT is an original producer of pulsating midtempo grooves and scandalously sexy downbeat melodies. An electronic musician of a whole new type, he fuses an immense breadth and depth of listening and training with funk-fueled bass playing, smooth vocals, and the ineffable balls-out, experimental, and creative spirit that “jOBOT” encompasses.

In his hometown of Los Angeles, jOBOT has carved his place amongst artists equally committed to pushing the sonic envelope as a member of the Headtron crew. With genre-bending sets infusing bouncing funk jams and soaring downtempo beats with live vocals at Coachella, Lightning In A Bottle, What The Festival, Symbiosis Gathering, Envision Festival (Costa Rica) and more under his belt, jOBOT looks to bring more of his signature sounds to light in support of 2015’s Flash Flood EP.

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