Vertex Festival Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado August 5 - 7, 2016


The RunniKine

“An unstoppable onslaught of spontaneous funk, hip hop and dance music”

The Runnikine is an improvisational funk music super-trio based out of Denver, CO. The band is comprised of three relentlessly hard working individuals – Will Trask (drums), Jon McCartan (bass), and Eric Luba (keys) - who have made a name for themselves in the scene with a constant variety of musical activity. In addition to their time on the road with several touring bands, each member of The Runnikine has been called upon individually by musical peers to provide their exceptional talents in the studio, as session musicians on recordings for other bands.

Having vast on-tour and in-studio experience has enabled this group to touch into the deepest levels of musical literacy, allowing them to create each show as a “from the hip” experience – meaning each concert is 100% spontaneous and unplanned, with set lists and jams being determined in real time, in front of a live audience. While every single show is completely different, one thing remains the same: You never know what might happen, or who might join them on the stage, and it will always be an incredibly funky dance party.

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