Vertex Festival Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado August 5 - 7, 2016


Camping Guidelines and Rules

Please note: Camping Guidelines and Rules apply to all camping areas.

  • Base Camp tickets include on-site camping. Vertex also offers VIP options. Click here to explore all the different options to choose from.
  • Vertex Tree Line Campgrounds and Base Camp will open on Thursday August 4 at 12 pm for those who hold an Early Arrival Parking Pass. Those who do not wish to purchase an Early Arrival Parking Pass may arrive starting at 10 am on Friday August 5.
  • The campground entrances will be open 24 hours a day.
  • Box Office & Will Call hours are
    Thursday – 10am to 11:59pm
    Friday – 8am – 2:30am
    Saturday – 8am – 2:30am
    Sunday – 8am – 8:30pm
    As long as you have your wristbands and parking pass, you can arrive to the festival 24 hours a day without visiting the Box Office or Will Call. If you need to purchase a ticket or parking pass, or pick up a Will Call order, you must arrive during Box Office hours.
  • All vehicles must leave the site by noon on Monday.
  • Every person entering the campgrounds must have a Vertex Ticket.
  • All vehicles are subject to search upon entry to the festival site. Please see the Festival Guidelines for a list of prohibited items.
  • There is an accessible campground, located close to the venue entrance, for guests with mobility disabilities. For more information go to the Access Information page.
  • Gas generators and open campfires of any kind are not allowed in the campgrounds. Solar-powered generators are allowed.
  • You may bring a small, portable gas grill/stove.
  • No fireworks, flying prayer lanterns, or fire performances are allowed anywhere at Vertex.
  • Emergency Medical Services will be available onsite. There will be medical tents and information booths throughout the campgrounds.

General Camping FAQ

1. When can I arrive to the site? When do I have to leave?

Vertex Tree Line Campgrounds and Base Camp will open on Thursday August 4 at 12 pm for those who hold an Early Arrival Parking Pass, or those who are arriving on foot or by bicycle. Those who do not wish to purchase an Early Arrival Parking Pass may arrive starting at 10 am on Friday August 5.

All vehicles must leave the site by noon on Monday.

2. I want to arrive to camp on foot or bicycle on Thursday - do I need an Early Arrival Parking Pass?

No, you do not. If you are arriving to camp on foot or on bicycle early arrival is complimentary!

3. I want to arrive by motorcycle, how does that work?

For those that are camping, two (2) motorcycles can share one car camping pass if they arrive together. If you are arriving on one motorcycle, you must still purchase a car camping pass to enter.

For those that are not camping on site, there will be a separate motorcycle parking area in day parking.

4. What will be provided at the campground?

There will be 24-hour security, medical services, port-a-lets, and showers (for a small fee). There will be water and ice for sale, as well as ATMs and a variety of vendors, including delicious and diverse food choices, within the campgrounds. There will also be free water throughout the campground provided by either water trucks or wells.

5. What should I do if I need medical assistance?

There will be 24hr medical services available throughout the campgrounds and festival site. Please locate medical stations on the map when you arrive. You can stop any staff member you see or head to the nearest medical station or information booth for assistance.

6. Where should I go if I have questions or need help during the festival?

Please visit the nearest information booth. Please check the map when you arrive for exact location of the information booths.

7. May I sell food or drink in the campground?

You are NOT allowed to sell food or drink on the property unless you are an official event food vendor. Vertex is on private property.

8. Will bands who are not on the lineup be allowed to play in the campground?

Be kind to our neighbors. If you have to plug it in (i.e. it has an amp), leave it at home.

9. Will there be electricity in the Base Camp campground?

No, although all tent rentals offer electricity.

10. Is there cell phone service available?

While there is limited cell phone service in the area, it can be inconsistent.

11. Can I set up a large or pavilion style tent?

Because space is limited, there will be no pavilion tents allowed. If you require extra space, consider a VIP experience.

12. Are pets allowed?

No pets are allowed. Please leave your parakeets, gerbils, meerkats, burros, felines, canines, honey badgers, etcetera at home. Pets will be picked up and placed with the local humane society and owners will receive bad karma.
Please use the local kennels if you are traveling with your pet. If a pet is found inside your car you will be turned back. No one wants to turn you back. Don’t bring your pet.

13. Are service animals allowed?

Yes. Please visit our Access Information page for more information.

14. What facilities are you providing for guests with disabilities?

Please visit our Access Information page for more info.

15. How does the campground process work? Will we be next to our cars?

Upon arrival, you will be directed into the campground to park. You will set up camp next to your car. Base Campers will be provided an area to camp next to your car that measures approximately 10×30 ft. Please be respectful and use only the space you need.
Once parked, we ask that you leave your car at your campsite.
If your friends arrive at a different time from you, they will not be able to camp next to you. Please plan on parking where indicated.

16. How big are camping spots in Base Camp?

Car Camping spots are approximately 10×30 ft

17. Can I charge my cell phone?

Yes. Please check back closer to the event for more information.

18. My friends are staying in Tree Line VIP Camping or Lodging, can I visit their camp with a Base Camp wristband?

Those with Base Camp Wristbands do not have access to Tree Line VIP, so as to keep Tree Line VIP a more intimate experience. But, your friends can visit you in Base Camp!


  • RVs will only be allowed in specified RV Camping areas.
  • RV Passes must be purchased in advance.
  • Every person in your party must have a wristband.
  • RVs may arrive at the same time that all other holders of their wristband type arrive.
  • Staff will check RVs and vehicles entering all RV Camping areas for any items not permitted on site, as specified in the Festival Guidelines. Security Staff will confiscate any such items and may refuse entry to the site.
1. What is considered an “RV”?

An RV is defined as any vehicle larger either in length, width or height than a normal sixteen (16)-passenger van. All oversized vehicles, trailers, campers that are towed, and busses are considered RVs. This also includes any form of a pop-up camper/trailer.

2. Can my friends park next to my RV?

Your friends will need to park in the car camping area, as the RV camping area is laid out and reserved especially for RVs.

3. Can we park RVs in the same group next to each other?

Yes, provided that all RVs in your party arrive together.

4. Can guests with disabilities park their RV in the accessible campground area?

Yes. Please visit our Access Information page for details.

5. Will we be allowed to move our RV once it is parked?

You will be directed where to park upon entering the RV Campground. If you want to park with friends, please arrive at the same time. Once parked, you cannot move your RV.

6. Will there be gas for sale on site if we run out?

No, there WILL NOT be gas available on site. Please fill up before you arrive on site. Not only will this save you the worry, but it will also support the local economy.

7. Can my friends who aren't staying in my RV visit it?

Yes. As long as your friends have the right ticket type to access the campground you’ve selected, they can visit any time.

Is your question lingering?

Make sure to check out the Ticket FAQ and Camping & Lodging FAQ too.