Vertex Festival Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado August 5 - 7, 2016


Asking questions is a good thing.

Please read on for answers to all kinds of Vertex considerations!

1. Lose something at Vertex?

Send a detailed description of the item to before September 1, 2016 and we’ll do our best to get it back in your hands!

2. If I am staying off site, can I leave and come back?

If you are staying off site, you will be able to come and go throughout the weekend using the day parking lot with a day parking pass.

3. Where can I find set times?

Set times will be posted on this website as the event date approaches. The event schedule will also be posted throughout the festival grounds. Please take the time to explore Vertex, as there are some things that must be discovered by chance.

4. What is the weather like in Buena Vista?

At high mountain altitudes, the weather may vary dramatically. Temperatures may get above 90 degrees during the day, and drop into the 50’s at night. Thunderstorms with rain and other dramatic weather events are a possibility. Please come with a sense of adventure, and be prepared for all kinds of weather.

5. I am interested in bringing my camera. What do I need to know?

If you are interested in attending as media for Vertex, please email
Small hand held or point and shoot cameras without additional or detachable lenses are welcome at Vertex. If your camera has a detachable lens, it will not be allowed without a Media pass.

6. Are you hiring people to work or volunteer at Vertex?

Vertex pays all of its employees. For more information on employment, please click here.

7. Can I pass out fliers or promotional material at Vertex?

No, there is no unauthorized solicitation allowed on the grounds or in any of the parking lots/camping areas.

8. Will there be an information booth?

Yes, please check the map upon arrival for exact location of information booths.

9. Will there be first aid on site?

Yes, please check the map upon arrival for exact locations of First Aid/Medical Stations. There will be medics on site who are fully equipped to deal with all situations.

10. Will there be free water?

There will be water refill stations throughout the campgrounds and within the festival venue. Water will also be available at very reasonable prices.

11. Will there be flushable toilets and sinks available?

There will be hand washing stations in select areas in the campground and venue, and flushable toilets in VIP tent areas only.

12. Will there be accessible parking and facilities available?

Yes, please visit our Access Information page for details about our access program.

13. Will there be a festival map available ahead of time?

Yes, please check back as the event date approaches.

14. Can I leave and come back?

If you are camping at the festival, once your car is parked, we ask that you leave it there for the weekend in order to reduce our impact on the local community. There will be shuttles to Buena Vista departing throughout the day to accommodate any needs you may have, as well as field trip shuttles to take you on outdoor adventures.

If you absolutely must drive off of the festival site for a valid reason and intend to return, you must go to the toll booth to secure a reentry pass before your vehicle passes the toll booth to leave the site. 

Those who are using the day parking lot can leave and come back without a reentry pass.

Thank you for your cooperation!

15. Can I leave on foot and return?

Yes, but you are encouraged to use shuttles.

16. What kinds of vendors will be available?

There will be a variety of food/beverage and crafts vendors throughout the festival site. Food vendors will include organic and vegetarian options.

17. I am interested in becoming an Art/ Crafts or Food Vendor. How do I fill out an application? 18. If I have car trouble at the event, what should I do?

There will be a locksmith and tow truck company servicing the event. You can find help for your car at the nearest information booth. Check the event map for exact locations.

Is your question lingering?

Make sure to check out the Ticket FAQ and Camping & Lodging FAQ too!