Vertex Festival Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado August 5 - 7, 2016

Field Trips

Regardless of your approach, as soon as your eyes set sight on mighty Mount Princeton you know you’ve arrived. Take a moment. Inhale the fresh air. Bask in the high alpine sunshine. Feel the cool mountain breeze. Listen to the babbling river. If it’s dark out, look up; you can see the stars here.

As you descend into the Upper Arkansas River Valley, let your imagination soar; Buena Vista offers unlimited adventure, abundant opportunity, unobstructed views, and a rich local heritage. This single-stoplight town is supported by a welcoming and easygoing, mountain community.

Perhaps your vacation has just begun, maybe you’re passing through, or for many, you’re home. In any case, welcome, we’re glad you’re here. #LoveBV

Downtown Map & Trip Times

Shuttles will run daily starting at 10 am and stopping in Buena Vista at convenient locations.

 Downtown Buena Vista

The following establishments are offering vertex specials! Stop in and discover the awesomeness that awaits you.

East Main

  • A.V.D.I (317 E Main)
  • CKS Main Street (327 E Main)
  • CO Creative (301 E Main #13)
  • Deerhammer Distillery (321 E Main)
  • Green Parrot (304 E Main)
  • House Rock Kitchen (421 E Main)
  • Jailhouse Craft Beer Bar (412 E Main)
  • jalaBlue Yoga (105 N Railroad)
  • Loback’s Bakery (326 E Main)
  • Little Market on Main (409 E Main)
  • Louie’s Ice Cream (414 E Main)
  • Mountain Tribe (105 N Railroad)
  • Rustic Woods (108 E Main)
  • Simple Eatery (402 E Main)
  • Sisters Remembered (315 E Main)
  • The Courtyard Gallery (310 E Main)
  • The Lariat (206 E Main)
  • The Trailhead (402 E Main)

South Main

  • The Midland Stop (801-1B, Front Loop)
  • Made in South Main (900 South Main)
  • Sundance (1111 Riverpark Road)

Hwy 24

  • Branding Iron Restaurant (710 Hwy-24)
  • Lettucehead Food Company (545 Hwy-24)
 Downtown Buena Vista