Vertex Festival Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado August 5 - 7, 2016

Ticket Information

Hosted in a stunning mountain valley setting, Vertex will showcase the best of Colorado. Vertex is a community-minded event that merges diverse musical genres, art, and a variety of experiences and outdoor adventures.

Tickets are on sale now!

 The Vertex Experience

At Vertex, all tickets include both festival admission and camping, and you can expect all the features and amenities you might wish for:

If you’re looking for a General Admission camping experience or are a daily festival commuter, the Base Camp Ticket will cover your needs.

Please note – if you are a Base Camper driving to the festival site, you will also need a Parking Pass.

You can also bring an RV to Base Camp, or choose to arrive early on Thursday.

Sustainability is a core Vertex value. With this in mind planning to carpool or taking the convenient and fun VerteXpress Shuttles is encouraged. Shuttles will lift off from all over the region. If you would prefer to ride in green style while making new friends with plenty of room for all of your gear, book on the VerteXpress! VerteXpress Shuttles include options for Thursday and Friday arrival.

 The Vertex Experience

If you are a lover of luxury, a glamper, or looking to share an extra special experience, please take a moment to explore the Tree Line VIP program.This experience begins in the Tree Line VIP campground. This campground is situated on the Piñon Plateau just above the venue area. All cars will be conveniently parked adjacent to the campground, allowing for a beautiful tent-only experience amid the pines.

Within the Piñon Plateau is one of Vertex’s tent rental packages – the Tree Line VIP Tent. This bell-shaped VIP tent is fit for two to four people, and is the entry level tent rental option.

Along Cottonwood Creek, and amongst stands of shady trees, are two additional on-site lodging options. For a relaxing creek view from your front porch, swing for the Tree Line VIP Creekview Tent. The Tree Line VIP Creekside Cabana meets your every desire with creek-front property and is the most luxurious lodging option available.

If you would like to bring an RV and want all the Tree Line VIP amenities, purchase a Tree Line VIP RV Parking Pass.

Please take a moment to consider all the options by clicking through each page. There’s a lot happening already in the Vertex Campgrounds, and we can’t wait to see you there!

PS: More questions? Click here for the Festival Guidelines and FAQ.

 The Vertex Experience