Vertex Festival Vertex Festival

Buena Vista, Colorado August 5 - 7, 2016

Ticket Information

Tree Line VIP Tent Rental - Sold Out! For two to four guests, starting at $1599.00 - while supplies last


*Plus Service Charges and Fees

Check out these additional options:

Rent a Tree Line VIP Creekside Cabana

A cabana with a bed and duvet on creek-front property. What more could you ask for?

Rent a Tree Line VIP Creekview Tent

The Creekview experience offers a pre-built tent with a front porch and wood floors for two.

Tree Line VIP Tents offer exclusive VIP meadow property near the creek for 2-4 people in large tents! These tents are the most affordable way to guarantee a stress-free camping experience with a comfortable bed or cot at Vertex.

All tickets for your Tree Line Tent must be purchased together. The purchaser may be able to upgrade their guest numbers, subject to availability. Once these packages sell out, additions can not be processed.

Local shuttles will take people to Downtown Buena Vista, and on special outdoor excursions such as River Rafting. Outdoor Excursions will be offered for an additional fee. Click here for more information.

Tree Line VIP Tent Prices Per Interior Style

  • 3 Person – Cots $2100.00
  • 4 Person – Cots $2600.00
  • 2 Person – Twin Beds $1599.00
  • 2 Person – Queen Bed $1599.00

With your purchase, you will receive:

  • Two (2), three (3), or four (4) Tree Line VIP Tickets
  • Access to the main festival venue and stages
  • One (1) special early arrival vehicle parking pass for Thursday, August 4, at 12 pm
  • A Premium campground
  • Your choice of either two (2) twin beds, one (1) queen bed, three (3) cots, or four (4) cots set up in your tent for your arrival
  • Two (2), three (3) or four (4) pillows
  • Two (2) , three (3) or four (4) comforters
  • Area rug
  • End tables in all bed tents
  • Lock for your tent
  • Electricity access in tent
  • Small cooler to keep all your refreshments cold
  • Nearby parking
  • Access to all Tree Line VIP features

Tree Line VIP features include…

  • The Tree Line VIP Lounge
  • Running sinks and flushable toilets in the campgrounds
  • Exclusive Tree Line VIP showers
  • Access to Base Camp and all of its amenities including The Village with food, crafts, and The Slient Disco
  • A VIP viewing area in the stage area
  • A VIP lounge in the stage area
  • Access to VIP activities
  • More to be unveiled!

All tickets being shipped to the USA will be mailed in the weeks before the event. Please be sure to use a mailing address where you will be to get your shipment up to a week before the festival. Purchasers outside of the United States should pick up their tickets at will call. This Lodging Package will also require registration at the Tree Line VIP Check In. Instructions for check in will be emailed to purchasers in the weeks before the festival.